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International Conference on Future Work Organizations Perspectives, Issues and Challenges-GOA University-Dec 28-30,2017.

International Conference on Future Work Organizations Perspectives, Issues and Challenges-GOA University-Dec 28-30,2017.

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Conference Theme:

We live in the age of disruptions. This has heralded a new age of understanding based on our experience that nobody can drive straight to the future on a cruise control mode without understanding the nitty-gritty and integrity of myriad associated factors in its totality. As the organizations are becoming more uncertain, we do not know whether the future will be a continuation of the past. It may turnout to be a series of discontinuities. When the currents of the non-linear world are becoming strong, the linear thinking and approaches about organizations is slowly becoming a question mark. Thus the conference invites intellectual minds to take a leap from the linear to non-linear world of organizations and from known to unknown by examining the following areas:

What sort of principles will guide the success of twenty first century work organizations?

What is that truly binds in networked organizations? Is it merely information technology or something else that is more meaningful?

How does a work organization make the shift from just spreading information around a network to building new knowledge?

What importance technology will play to shape the future of work organizations?

How work organizations would balance the need for radical change with the need for strategic continuity?

What should leaders do to ensure that their corporate work culture will be a strategic asset rather than a change anchor to meet the future need?

How the roles & responsibilities of the work within the organizations will take shape?

How the organization’s responsibilities will be redefined?


Future Managers

Future workforce

Globally distributed small teams


Change adaptation

Organization Structure

Learning Organization

Marketing strategy

Control and Complexity

Competition and Competitive advantage

Innovation and creativity

Shape of workforce

Globally distributed systems

Team and Team roles


Man, Technology and Cyborg

Social and Technological relationship

Regional disparity

An Open Space

Skill Enhancement

Roles and Participation of women

Future Jobs and compensation systems

Economic Systems

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