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International Conference on Cognitive Informatics & Soft Computing (CISC-2017) which will be held at VBIT, Hyderabad from 20th to 21st December 2017

International Conference on Cognitive Informatics & Soft Computing (CISC-2017) which will be held at VBIT, Hyderabad from 20th to 21st December 2017

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The International Conference on Cognitive Informatics & Soft Computing (CISC-2017) which will be held at VBIT, Hyderabad from 20th to 21st December 2017 is to bring together the latest research in computer science: cognition Computer Science, Cognitive Science, intelligence Science, information sciences and machine intelligence.

The main goal of the conference is to research and develop technologies to facilitate and extend the information management capacity of individuals through the development and application of novel concepts in human-system integration to address cognitive bottlenecks (e.g., limitations in attention, memory, learning, comprehension, visualization abilities, and decision making). Such mitigations may include applications and technologies informed by research in psychology/behavioral science, neuroscience, artificial intelligence, or linguistics.

CISC-2017 welcomes researchers, practitioners, and graduate students to join the international initiative on cognitive informatics and cognitive computing toward the investigation of cognitive mechanisms and processes of human information processing, and the development of the next generation of cognitive computers and advanced computing systems.


Original unpublished contributions are solicited for presentation at the International Conference on Cognitive Informatics & Soft Computing (CISC-2017). Papers cannot be submitted in parallel to any other conference or journal. All papers shall be tested for similarity/Plagiarism with acceptable limit of 20%.

Original papers are invited from multidisciplinary perspectives on subject areas including, but not limited to, the following:

Cognitive Informatics

Informatics models of the brain

Cognitive processes of the brain

Internal information processing mechanisms

Machine consciousness

Neuroscience foundations of information processing

Denotational mathematics

Knowledge representation

Autonomous machine learning

Neural models of memory

DNA and genome modelling

Brain information processing

Cognitive linguistics

Cognitive complexity and metrics


Neural signal modeling


Cognitive sensors and networks

Cognitive information fusion

Cognitive Computing

Cognitive computers

Cognitive robotics

Autonomous Computing

Knowledge processors

Cognitive semantics of big data

Cognitive machine learning

Knowledge manipulations

Pattern recognition

Cognitive agent technologies

Cognitive inferences

Computing with words (CWW)

Cognitive decision theories

Concept & semantic algebras

Fuzzy/rough sets/logic

Affective computing

Computational Intelligence

Cognitive computers

Cognitive systems

Cognitive man-machine communication

Cognitive Internet

World-Wide Wisdoms (WWW+)

Mathematical engineering for AI

Cognitive vehicle systems

Semantic computing

Distributed intelligence

Mathematical models of AI

Cognitive signal processing

Cognitive image processing

Artificial neural nets

Genetic computing

MATLAB models of AI

Advanced Computing

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning;

Computer Architecture and VLSI;

Computer Graphics- Simulation and Modeling;

Data Management-Exploration and Mining;

Digital System and Logic Design;

Pattern Recognition and Analysis;

Robotics and Machine Vision;

Systems and Software Engineering;

Computational Intelligence;

Signal and Image Processing;

Reconfigurable Computing;

Biomedical Computing, Bioinformatics;

Green Computing; Mobile Computing;

Ubiquitous Computing;

Cryptography and Applied Mathematics

Hybrid Intelligent Models and Applications

Ant Colony for Neural Network Optimization;

Chaos Theory in Genetic Algorithms;

Genetic Algorithm for Fuzzy System Optimization;

Genetic Algorithms for Hybrid Intelligent Systems Design;

Genetic Algorithms for Neural Network Optimization;

Genetic Fuzzy Systems;

Genetic Neural Systems;

Hybrid Evolutionary Algorithms;

Hybrid Modular Neural Networks;

Hybrid optimization techniques;

Neuro-Fuzzy-Genetic Approaches;

Nature-inspired Smart Hybrid Systems;

Neuro-Fuzzy Models and Applications;

Hybrid Intelligent Systems for Pattern Recognition & Data Mining, Statistics and Soft Computing.



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