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IEEE iNIS 2017-Oriental University-Bhopal-December 18-20,2017.

IEEE iNIS 2017-Oriental University-Bhopal-December 18-20,2017.

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Call for Papers: iNIS 2017

Goal and Scope

The primary objective of the IEEE International Symposium on Nanoelectronic and Information Systems (IEEE-iNIS) is to provide a platform for both hardware and software researchers to interact under one umbrella for further development of efficient and secure information processing technologies. Efficient and secure data sensing, storage, and processing play pivotal roles in current information age. The state-of-the-art nanoelectronic technology based hardware systems cater to the needs of efficient sensing, storage, and computing. At the same time, efficient algorithms and software used for faster analysis and retrieval of desired information are becoming increasingly important. Big data which are large, complex data sets, are now a part of the Internet world. Storing and processing needs of the enormous amount of structured and unstructured data are getting increasingly challenging. At the same time, Internet of Things (IoT) and cyber-physical systems (CPS) have been evolving with simultaneous development of

hardware and software and span across everyday consumer electronics. The performance and efficiency of the present as well as the future generations of computing and information processing systems are largely dependent upon advances in both hardware and software.

iNIS 2017 is sponsored by IEEE-CS under TCVLSI. iNIS has been initiated as a sponsored meeting of Technical Committee on VLSI, IEEE-CS ( that endorses a league of successful meetings such as ASAP, ISVLSI, ARITH, etc., which are now presented as “Sister Conferences” in the iNIS website. iNIS brings together leading scientists and researchers from academia and industry. Contributions are sought in (but are not limited to) the following areas:

Nanoelectronic VLSI and Sensor Systems (NVS)

Energy-Efficient, Reliable VLSI Systems (ERS)

Hardware/Software for Internet of Things (IOT) and Consumer Electronics (CE)

Hardware for Secure Information Processing (SIP)

Hardware/Software Solutions for Big Data (SBD)

Cyber Physical Systems and Social Networks (CSN)

iNIS 2017 proceedings will be published by IEEE-CS conference publication services (CPS). Authors are invited to submit full-length (6 pages maximum), original, unpublished research papers with an abstract (200 words maximum).


General Chair iNIS 2017

Dhruva Ghai

Oriental University, India

Email :

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