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Polaris is a Culture.

Experience it.

We know you are here for a reason. We also know there are many great companies out there.

Let's clear the clutter and have a heart-to-heart.

Simply put, quite cut and dry actually, we are in the business of enabling the complex environment of BFSI (Banking, Financial Services & Insurance) through our products and services leadership. A leadership that is based on the deep understanding of the lifecycle of finance in the lives of individuals, communities and financial institutions. But is it really as simple as you just read it to be? Just the word 'complex' in the first sentence has so many connotations in a business that is so demanding and alive. Where every second counts in numbers we can merely imagine, every transaction enables multitude of corporates and economies, every experience enhances the ability to change the way people, corporates and economies perform. But, this is just scratching the surface of the business we enable. You may want to read into our Products & Services section to get more on this.

Mission-critical operations running on your products or driven by your solutions is a really great feeling to run with. But is this all there is to this chat? Definitely not. We pride, immensely, who we are. And we have good reason to. Bottom line, this is a business that is deep-rooted in its dynamic evolution and is live-wired by its human capital. At the heart of all this, there is something we have believed in for 25 years, and will continue to believe There was never a better time to be part of this journey. A journey backed by the culture that we are, not have. The culture and ethos that is our enterprise compass and values fabric