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Our People

People form the core of any organization and Integra firmly believes its people as its core assets. The industry is witnessing a challenge to attract and retain best of the talent. Integra is today an “Employer of Choice” in its space in India, with over 1500 professionals. In a knowledge-based field, people have to be nurtured and taken care of, and Integra has taken up numerous activities to ensure that a systematic and streamlined people development and engagement is in place.


Constant training on technical subjects, production processes and other work related programs are conducted on a continuous basis. Various soft-skill training programs are also provided to take care of employee’s growth and career prospects. We believe, this in turn, would translate to customer delight.

It’s not all about the work

Various get-together activities, celebrations and family events form part of ‘work while you work and play while you play’ culture.To engage the spouse of the employee, Integra family club named ‘Udaya’ (means the rising sun) has been formed which organizes various interesting events and programs including personality development, health, beauty, etc.