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technical symposium
technical symposium
technical symposium technical symposium

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technical symposium
technical symposium
technical symposium


The thrust for an advanced format of data storage on optical disc led to revolutionary introduction of BLU-RAY DISC. This advances in the race against its competitors DVD (Digital Video Disc) & AOD (Advanced Optical Disc) in that it has high storage capacity, advanced security and privacy features and the A/V high quality O/P (generally video) of the media files stored on it make’s it quite unique & gives an edge over the others, letting BD to be widely adaptable in every application

possible.Surprisingly, the necessity for a next generation disc had begun in 1994 even before the advent of the DVD in the market in 1996. The then scientists predicted the limitations of the DVD format & begun working on BD even before DVD's release. This paper essentially is confined with the structure, construction, reading issues & advantages of the Blu-Ray Disc. To be effective, at every stage the disc is compared with DVD.

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