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ASTHRA is an automated, dynamic memory mapped robotic vehicle, which enables the disabled to carry on their locomotion with ease and confidence. Also Asthra acts as an automated patient monitoring unit which enables to transfer vital information during emergency as well as normal conditions. the vehicle mainly consists of five basic components including a embedded web servers, dc motors with driver circuit, an ultrasonic transmitter and receiver to detect obstacles, a radio frequency remote and programmable and control memory unit. the dc motors are placed at the hub of the vehicle’s tire and their chief aim is to drive or render sufficient power to pull the weight of the patient to move about. the most important feature of Asthra is the embedded web servers. The use of the embedded web servers is to transfer information’s regarding the patient’s temperature, pulse, ECG and other important necessary features that need to be transmitted during times of emergency.

We maintain a local intranet by which the doctor could just login onto a website maintained at the intranet and get the required details about each and every patient. In our case, a RF remote is provided as an interface between the user and the vehicle.

The dc motors are provided with a driving circuit which is connected to a PIC microcontroller board. The

microcontroller board enables dynamic memory mapping by utilizing the “train and execute” mode of operation. Utilizing the ultrasonic obstacle detection circuit, the microcontroller unit programs itself as per the dimensions of a particular place. Thus Asthra combines upon various features which render effective locomotion to the disabled as well as act as an effective patient monitoring system.

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