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Aptitude Round Question-Antonyms-Free Download


Opposites are, interestingly, simultaneously different and similar in meaning. Typically, they differ in only one dimension of meaning, but are similar in most other respects, including similarity in grammar and positions of semantic abnormality. Additionally, not all words have an opposite. Some words are non-opposable. For example, animal or plant species have no binary opposites; the wordplatypus therefore has no word that stands in opposition to it. Other words are opposable but have an accidental gap in a given language's L exicon. For example, the word devout lacks a lexical opposite, but it is fairly easy to conceptualize a parameter of devoutness where devout lies at the positive pole with a missing member at the negative pole. Opposites of such words can nevertheless sometimes be formed with the prefixes un- or non- , with varying degrees of naturalness. For example, the word undevout appears in Webster's dictionary of 1828, while the pattern of non-person could conceivably be extended to non-platypus . This is a test in which your ability to understand the meanings of words and to distinguish between the fine shades of meaning. While testing your ability on questions pertaining to Antonyms, the first thing to be observed is your ability to grasp the meaning of the words given. Unless you know the meaning of the words given, on will not be able to find out or choose the exact antonyms from the options given. Mostly antonyms appear in the form of nouns, verbs and Adjectives.

Strategies To Solve Questions Based On Antonyms

Your approach to solve the questions based on antonyms require some strategies.

Check whether the question word and the opposite of the words and the opposite of the words given under the options are in the same parts of speech i.e noun, verb to verb etc.

You should have an idea of the roots of the words and know their meanings. For example, in the words benefactor, if you know the meaning of bene you will be able to guess the meanings of the words, and opt for the best antonyms.

You should also have the knowledge of prefixes and suffixes this will help you to find out the suitable antonyms. For example the prefix "un"in"im"dis" etc give a negative meanings.

Look at these examples given below:

Antonyms are words with opposite or nearly opposite meanings. For example:

short and tall
dead and alive
increase and decrease
add and subtract

Example : Fortunate X Unfortunate
Satisfied X Dissatisfied
Complete X Incomplete
Polite X Impolite

Negative Prefixes.
Similarly, the suffixes can also give opposite meanings. For examples Less is a suffix which gives an opposite meanings.

Example: Hope X Hopeless
Meaning X Meaningless

Some words may not have a precise antonym. In such cases, you can look for a word or a phase which is nearly the opposites.

Sometimes, note than one word in the options given word. So, one has to make the choice judiciously. In this case, choose the word which gives great detail in the meaning.

Looking for the best answer and not for the ideas answer. Eliminate two or three of the options if they are no where related to given word.

Do not go for an antonym which is too limited or too broad to be an opposite.

when you get confused about the antonym to be chosen, try to think of how you have heard the word used before. You may discover a suitable context to guess the exact antonym.

Exercise Questions

Directions: Each of the questions consists of a word followed by five words or phrase as choices. Choose the word or phrase which is most nearly opposite in meaning to the word in capitals and shade the alphabets marked in the grid on your answer sheet.


a. loathe
b. despise
c. adore
d. abhor
e. attach


a. servile
b. first
c. fawning
d. supercilious
e. improper


a. not resonant
b. not reddish
c. not eager
d. pompous
e. loud


a. entangle
b. rescue
c. fail
d. assert
e. predict


a. defer
b. vacillate
c. sever
d. conjoin
e. laud


a. luxury
b. magnificence
c. richness
d. contentment
e. scarcity


a. decent
b. savage
c. major
d. volatile
e. scabby


a. praise
b. repetition
c. escape
d. ratification
e. addition


a. deteriorate
b. weaken
c. constrict
d. concentrate
e. fold

10. TOUT

a. cast aspersions on
b. deny the relevance of
c. placate
d. withhold consent
e. misrepresent

Answer Key

1.c; 2.d; 3.a; 4.d; 5.e; 6.e; 7.a; 8.a; 9.c; 10.e

1. Adulation X Criticism

2. Advocate X Oppose

3. Affable X Rude

4. Affected X Unfeigned

5. Affluence X Poverty

6. Agility X Awkwardness

7. Alacrity X Slowness

8. Alleviate X Worsen

9. Allure X Repel

10. Aloof X Gregarious

11. Amalgamate X Separate

12. Ambiguous X Clear

13. Amble X Hasten.

14. Ambulatory X Bedridden

15. Ameliorate X Make Worse

16. Analogous X Not Comparable

17. Anathematize X Bless

18. Anomaly X Regularity

19. Antipathy X Fondness

20. Antithesis X Similarity

21. Baroque X Simple

22. Beatific X Dreadful

23. Belittle X Extol

24. Bellicose X Peaceful

25. Benign X Malignant

26. Benison X Curse

27. Berate X Praise

28. Bestial X Noble

29. Bigotry X Tolerance

30. Bizarre X Normal

31. Blanch X Darken

32. Blend X Soft

33. Blesse X Ardent

34. Blithe X Cheerless

35. Bleak X Cheerful

36. Capacious X Not Spacious

37. Capricious X Steadfast

38. Captious X Tolerant

39. Carnal X Spiritual

40. Carnivorous X Herbivorous

41. Carping X Uncritical

42. Castigation X Commendation

43. Categorical X Qualified

44. Catholic X Narrow

45. Celerity X Delay

46. Celibate X Married

47. Censure X Praise

48. Centrifugal X Centripetal

49. Cessation X Gravity

50. Chaffing X Capitalistic

51. Dank X Dry

52. Dapper X Untidy

53. Dauntless X Cowardly

54. Dearth X Bundance

55. Debacle X Progress

56. Debilitate X Strengthen

57. Debonair X Awkward

58. Derogatory X Praising

59. Desecrate X Consecrate

60. Destitute X Affluent

61. Devoid X Full Of

62. Devout X Impious

63. Diabolical X Seraphic

64. Diatribe X Eulogy

65. Diffidence X Boldness

66. Dilate X Contrast

67. Dilatory X Prompt

68. Diminution X Appreciation

69. Din X Silence

70. Disabuse X Deceive

71. Disconsolate X Joyous

72. Enervate X Strengthen

73. Enhance X Degrade

74. Ennui X Excitement.

75. Enunciate X Mumble

76. Ephemeral X Eternal

77. Equable X Stormy

78. Equanimity X Agitation

79. Equilibrium X Imbalance

80. Equitable X Unfair

81. Equivocal X Clear

82. Erratic X Steady

83. Erroneous X Accurate

84. Erudite X Ignorant

85. Ethereal X Earthy

86. Eulogistic X Critical

87. Grandiose X Simple

88. Gratuitous X Warranted

89. Gregarious X Antisocial

90. Grisly X Antisocial

91. Gullible X Incredulous

92. Gusto X Distaste

93. Gusty X Calm

94. Hackneyed X Original

95. Haggard X Plump

96. Halcyon X Martial

97. Haphazard X Deliberate

98. Ignoble X Worthy

99. Illusive X Not Deceptive

100. Irksome X Interesting

101. Irrelevant X Pertinent

102. Irreparable X Correctable

103. Irreverent X Pious

104. Jaded X Stimulated

105. Jaundiced X Unbiased

106. Jaunty X Sedate

107. Jeopardy X Safety

108. Jettison X Salvage

109. Jocular X Serious

110. Judicious Unwise

111. Kindle X Extinguish

112. Keen X Dull

113. Knowledge X Ignorance

114. Kill X Animate

115. Lachrymose X Cheering

116. Lackadaisical X Ambitious

117. Laconic X Verbose

118. Lampoon X Praise

119. Languor X Vitality

120. Latent X Obvious

121. Lavish X Frugal

122. Laudatory X Defamatory

123. Lax X Strict

124. Lechery X Purity

125. Lethargic X Invigorating

126. Limpid X Turbid

127. Lithe X Stiff

128. Loath X Eager

129. Loquacious X Taciturn

130. Lugubrious X Cheerful

131. Lurid X Dull

132. Malign x Eulogize

133. Malleable X Brittle

134. Manacle X Sane

135. Manifest X Obscure

136. Manumit X Enslave

137. Martial X Bellicose

138. Nebulous X Clear

139. Nefarious X Bergin

140. Negation X Affirmation

141. Neophyte X Veteran

142. Niggardly X Prodigal

143. Nocturnal X Daily

144. Obdurate X Fleeting

145. Obese X Cadaverous

146. Objective X Emotionally Involved

147. Obligatory X Optional

148. Obloquy X Praise

149. Obsequious X Supercilious

150. Odium X Liking

151. Omnipotent X Weak

152. Omniscient X Ignorant

153. Opiate X Stimulant

154. Opportune X Awkward

155. Opportunist X Man of Principle

156. Opprobrium X Praise

157. Optimum X Worst

158. Opulence X Poverty

159. Ostentatious X Unassuming

160. Precipitate X Stationary.

161. Permeable X Impenetrable

162. Pernicious X Harmless

163. Perpetual X Momentary

164. Perspicuity X Vagueness

165. Pertinacious X Superficial

166. Petulant X Uncomplaining

167. Precipitate X Cautious

168. Prefatory X Conclusive

169. Quell X Incite

170. Quintessence X Impure

171. queue X Curve, Zigzag

172. Ratify X Denounce

173. Resilient X Unyielding

174. Restive X Placid

175. Retentive X Forgetful

176. Reticence X Loquaciousness

177. Retrograde X Progressing

178. Reverie X Dishonor

179. Rife X Scant

180. Robust X Weak

181. Rotundity X slimness

182. Rubble X Unbroken stone

183. Ruddy X War

184. Rudimentary X Developed

185. Rueful X Content

186. Rustic X Urban

187. Ruthless X Merciful

188. Seldom x Frequently

189. Wreck X Restore

190. Wonder X Expectations

191. Wane X Prosper

192. Weary x Energetic

193. Well-round x Scattered

194. Wrath X Delight

195. Within X Beyond

196. Worried x Cheerful

197. Watch x Neglect

198. Zany X Sane

199. Zeal X Apathy

200. Zaftig x Petite

Copyright Disclaimer:Section 107 of the Copyright Act Fair Use Contents .
We are forwarding content link(s) from our website to content website & We are not serving any contents. Main the Content PDF link(s) is/are obtained from GoogleSearch for the purpose of Education & Teaching Intention. Not for commercial purpose. is not liable/responsible for any copyright issues.

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