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Barclays Bank,Pune Hiring Freshers-Developer

Barclays Bank,Pune Hiring Freshers-Developer

Overall purpose of role

The role holder will be responsible for development of the onboarding technical solution. This will encompass the design, development and testing of complex business solutions.

Key Accountabilities

• Working as a developer with distributed development and testing teams to ensure end to end product delivery.

• Collaborating with business analysts and colleagues to determine the functional and technical specifications, document design proposals and conduct proof of concepts (spikes).

• Working with the release teams to ensure that production releases are planned out with minimal or no disruption to customers and business users

• Develop user stories, write unit test cases and identify and drive blockers to resolution as part of a highly agile team.

Person Specification

• The successful candidate must have deep and proven experience in delivery of enterprise software solutions. This includes responsibility for the design of the solutions.

• Experience of development in large and complex financial services organisations across contemporary processes (agile/lean/kanban/scrum). Proven track record of delivery in this type of environment.

• User Experience and Usability are key concerns in the delivery as the client experience is of prime importance. Successful candidate must have strong understanding of Rich UI technologies.

• The right candidate will have a collaborative style in order to work closely with other teams

• Strong shell scripting and oracle and PL/SQL skills

• Experience is required in the following technologies –

o Core Java - Collections, Design Patterns(Structural and Creational), OOPS concepts, String handling and manipulations

o Spring - Spring Core, Spring MVC, Basic Spring Project setup.

o Strong understanding of DHTML, DOM, JSON and Ajax and JBOSS as a deployment container.

o Understanding of security mechanisms such as SSO and Active Directory.

o Build languages such as Ant or Maven with continuous integration tools such as Team City or Jenkins

o Developing and integration with Restful web services

Desired/Preferred technical skills

· Good understanding of any functional programming(FP) language – Scala or Haskell

· Aware of various design patterns in FP - Monoids, Monads, Applicative, Functors, Curried Functions,Type classes etc

· Worked on a UI MVC framework - Angular, Knockout or Backbone

· Understanding of any functional library in Scala like scalaz, cats or shapeless would be great addition

· Have worked or have a good understanding of packaging UI components using Grunt, Gulp, bower, Webpack or browserify

· Good understanding of NPM packaging, Less, SASS, CSS3, PhatomJS

The Benefits:

Our customers deserve the best. The same goes for our employees. That's why at Barclays you'll receive a range of benefits that include a competitive salary and all the tools, technology and support you need to succeed.

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