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AICC-2018 is the first international conference on Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive computing domain being held in MLR Institute of Technology, Hyderabad.

AICC-2018 is the first international conference on Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive computing domain being held in MLR Institute of Technology, Hyderabad.

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The AICC-2018 is the first international conference on Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive computing domain being held in MLR Institute of Technology, Hyderabad. Artificial Intelligence & Cognitive computing is a multi-disciplinary research field that addresses the development of intelligent systems inspired by the Cognitive Science and Neuropsychology to implement brain like mechanism for better learning, reasoning and engaging. The scope includes Machine Learning, Neural computing, Neural models of memory, Cognitive sensor-networks, Neuro-control, Brain-computer interface, Brain signal processing, Artificial intelligence, Evolutionary computing, Swarm Intelligence, Machine collaboration, Cognitive robots and Multi-agent systems. It also includes application of cognitive computing in Medical Informatics, Structural health monitoring, computational intelligence, Intelligent Control Systems, Bio informatics, Smart manufacturing, Smart grids, Image/Video processing, Video Analytics, Medical image and signal processing, knowledge engineering as well as Engineering Applications.

This conference aims at bringing researchers, graduate students, practitioners from industry to report and review current progress in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Computing

Track 1: Artificial Intelligence

Intelligent User Interfaces

Bayesian Networks

Soft Computing

Neural Networks

Natural Language Processing

Machine Learning

Planning and Scheduling

Knowledge Representation and Reasoning

Uncertainty in AI

Model-Based Reasoning


Data Mining

Data Science

Constraint Satisfaction

State Space Search

Case-Based Reasoning

Cognitive Systems

Intelligence and Cybersecurity

Vision and Perception

Pattern Recognition

Ambient Intelligence

AI and Creativity

Evolutionary Computing

Fuzzy Systems

Knowledge-Based System

Industrial applications of AI

Hybrid Intelligent Systems


Deep Learning

Semantic Web

Multi-Agent Systems

Distributed Problem Solving

Agent Communication Languages

Agent Models and Architectures

Cooperation and Coordination

Conversational Agents

Negotiation and Interaction Protocols

Programming Environments and Languages

Task Planning and Execution

Autonomous Systems

Cognitive Robotics

Group Decision Making

Web Intelligence

Agent Platforms and Interoperability

Agent Oriented Software Engineering


Economic Agent Models

Mobile Agents

Privacy, safety and security

Collective Intelligence

Physical Agents at Work

Robot and Multi-robot Systems

Self Organizing Systems

Cloud Computing and Its Impact

Intelligent Auctions and Markets

Swarm Intelligence

Track 2: Cognitive Computing

Cognitive computers

Cognitive robotics

Autonomous Computing

Knowledge processors

Cognitive semantics of big data

Cognitive machine learning

Knowledge manipulations

Pattern recognition

Cognitive agent technologies

Cognitive inferences

Computing with words (CWW)

Cognitive decision theories

Concept & semantic algebras

Fuzzy/rough sets/logic

Affective computing

Cognitive systems

Cognitive man-machine communication

Cognitive Internet

World-Wide Wisdoms (WWW+)

Mathematical engineering for AI

Cognitive vehicle systems

Semantic computing

Distributed intelligence

Mathematical models of AI

Cognitive signal processing

Cognitive image processing

Artificial neural nets

Genetic computing

Brain-inspired systems


Neurological foundations of the brain

Computational brain science

Software simulations of the brain

Brain-system interfaces


eBrain models

DNA and genome cognition

Computational neurology

Brain image processing


System models of the brain

Cognitive process models

Neurocircuit theories


Programme Chairs

Dr. K Srinivas Rao, Professor, CSE

Mobile: 9959656448, 7032902339

Dr. N Chandra Sekhar Reddy, Professor, CSE

Mobile: 9618880606, 9000595422

Email ID: icipcv@gmail.com

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