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International Conference on Vertebrates in Natural and Man-made Ecosystems-IIHR, Bengaluru, India-Oct 12-14,2017-ICAR-Indian Institute of Horticultural Research, Bengaluru - 560089..

The major impacts range from injury/death of humans and livestock, loss of crops affecting local and regional food security, damage to infrastructure and disease transmission. Often neglected issues are school absenteeism of children as they are engaged in guarding. Gaurding also deprives the man hours of a farmer which could have been used in other remunerative vocations. The stress of losing crops, horticultural produce, livestock, probability of injury/death and the accompanying fear and rage towards the conflict causing animals many a times results in indiscriminate killing of wild animals thus creating hostility towards conservation programmes in general and the animal species causing damage to life, livestock and crops in particular. The other factors contributing to HWC are : Climatic change through its effect on the availability of water and habitat, changes in human values, attitudes and perceptions about HWC, inability of people and institutions to understand the problem thoroughly and consequent

mishandling, and most importantly lack of balanced approach towards mitigation of problem taking into consideration hardship faced by the people living with wildlife and conservation of declining but conflict causing animals. The victims of this spiralling crisis mostly are the already impoverished indigenous peoples who are ironically the historical care takers of biodiversity.

Theme Areas:

Mega vertebrates: Biology, Behavior and pestilent ecology

Small vertebrates: Biology, Behavior and pestilent ecology

Wild herbivores and crop losses with special reference to Horticultural Ecosystems

Wild carnivores and livestock losses

Injury and death of humans caused by wlidlife.

Zoonosis and wildlife

Biology and Behaviour of conflict causing wild animals

Mitigation of HWC including compensation

Education, Awareness creation including School level programs, framing policies and their implementation

Changes in land use to facilitate habitat improvement and its resources

Indigenous people and Human wildlife conflict


Inculcating public sympathy and support for co-existence with wildlife.

Population reduction of over populated species as a management tool.

Vertebrate pest management in urban and peri urban habitat

Management strategies for vertebrate pest in horticultural and other cultivated ecosystems

Organizing Secretary

ICAR-Indian Institute of Horticultural Research, Bengaluru - 560089.

Email Id: wildlifeconf@gmail.com
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